Rules Of Roulette

The rules of roulette are quite simple. The Bets placed, are on where the ball is going to land. Outside bets like betting on a colour have a higher minimum and maximum limits than inside bets because of their high percentage. If the ball lands on the number you wagered on, you get the payout according to a simple mathematical formula.

The Zero Is How Casinos Make Money

Let’s pretend for a moment there is no “0”, and assume you are making the same bet every time and betting £1 on number 7. When you win, you get £35. So, if in the long run, you bet 36 times (total numbers/spots on a roulette wheel) the ball is expected to land on #7 just one time to give you £35 (+£1) that you bet. So you get £36 for every 36 spins and £36 that you invest. You break even. But remember the Zero? One every 37 spins the ball will land on the zero and so, in the long run, Casinos make money on roulette because of this small percentage. They profit out of millions of players betting billions of dollars, and only a fraction does the trick.

Small Investment For A Huge Win!

Besides the party atmosphere that roulette has, the largest payouts are 35 to 1. If you bet on and around a specific number and the ball lands there, you get 35 to 1 for each £ you placed on that number and a certain percentage of the neighbouring chips. This depends on where you place the chips. This improves your chance at guaranteed payout and can turn out to be a pretty big win on one spin

Some Players mostly bet on the outside, like on RED/black which gives them just under 50% chance to double their money. Usually, that’s a very slow way to play roulette, unless they are doubling the bet every time they win. But usually, there is a max bet limit per table Not to mention that once in a while the ball will land on Zero. For instance, you and your best friend are there to have a good time. He bets on red, and you bet on black and the ball lands on green/ ZERO. In this case, you will not celebrate!

A Game Of Chances And Skills

Roulette is a game which is won by luck, but only luck will not help you. The way to win the game requires knowing the game, watching it and knowing the biases and then going on to wager money. As history indicates, many people have made fortunes playing roulette, some swear its by strategy others luck!. There is no sure way to win, though knowing the laws of probability and familiarity to the wheel can make a difference, there is no way to accurately predict where that ball will land.